In a research paper, a researcher explains what he has learned after exploring his topic in depth. It comprises information from books, internet, interviews, articles, etc. A research paper is technical, so you should write carefully or buy research paper online and let a professional writer do the writing for you. A research topic introduction concisely presents a topic. This is what a reader would encounter first; hence, the researcher needs to establish context to ease understanding. From the introduction, the reader will know if they will enjoy the research generally. A research paper has vital factors that must be in its in order to achieve its purpose. This includes:

  1. Introduction of the research topic: the topic is an essential part of your research, without which its goal can not be achieved. State the subject first and include connected issues that can captivate the reader. If the mind of the reader is not captivated from this point, it might be challenging to retain the reader’s attention to the end. Start with a piece of general information and gradually narrow down on your topic.
  2. Background of the study: this includes a review of existing literature on your research leading up to your topic. After discussing the contribution of other researchers in that field, identify the areas of knowledge gaps in these studies. Citing the works of famous researchers will help you prove your point, or else, your work will only sound subjective.
  3. Information about the research: give a bit of enlightenment on the research that you plan to carry out. State your methods and purpose for your analysis.
  4. The rationale for the study: this is also known as the justification for your research. The rationale for your research is the reason for conducting such an inquiry. It is a vital part of your publication as it proves the importance of the study.
  5. Importance of the research: it is essential to state the importance of your research clearly to help the reader know and understand your research. Start by writing your general to a specific purpose. Say how your research will benefit society, then individuals.   
  6. Hypothesis statement: this is a statement regarding the connection between variables. It is a prediction about what you expect to discover in your research.
  7. Goals and objectives of the research: Specify your research goals in such a way that it is easy to identify once you achieve it. It defines the what, who, why, how and when questions about your study.
  8. Thesis statement: This part appears in the final part of the introduction. It is a summary of the main point of the research work. It is typically just one sentence long, maybe reiterated elsewhere in the research. It should present the topic of your paper and comment on your position concerning the subject. It should tell the reader what the study is about and keep your writing focused.

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