How to Write a Research Paper Introduction

In a research paper, a researcher explains what he has learned after exploring his topic in depth. It comprises information from books, internet, interviews, articles, etc. A research paper is technical, so you should write carefully or buy research paper online and let a professional writer do the writing for you. A research topic introduction concisely presents a topic. This is what a reader would encounter first; hence, the researcher needs to establish context to ease understanding. From the introduction, the reader will know if they will enjoy the research generally. A research paper has vital factors that must be in its in order to achieve its purpose. This includes:

  1. Introduction of the research topic: the topic is an essential part of your research, without which its goal can not be achieved. State the subject first and include connected issues that can captivate the reader. If the mind of the reader is not captivated from this point, it might be challenging to retain the reader’s attention to the end. Start with a piece of general information and gradually narrow down on your topic.
  2. Background of the study: this includes a review of existing literature on your research leading up to your topic. After discussing the contribution of other researchers in that field, identify the areas of knowledge gaps in these studies. Citing the works of famous researchers will help you prove your point, or else, your work will only sound subjective.
  3. Information about the research: give a bit of enlightenment on the research that you plan to carry out. State your methods and purpose for your analysis.
  4. The rationale for the study: this is also known as the justification for your research. The rationale for your research is the reason for conducting such an inquiry. It is a vital part of your publication as it proves the importance of the study.
  5. Importance of the research: it is essential to state the importance of your research clearly to help the reader know and understand your research. Start by writing your general to a specific purpose. Say how your research will benefit society, then individuals.   
  6. Hypothesis statement: this is a statement regarding the connection between variables. It is a prediction about what you expect to discover in your research.
  7. Goals and objectives of the research: Specify your research goals in such a way that it is easy to identify once you achieve it. It defines the what, who, why, how and when questions about your study.
  8. Thesis statement: This part appears in the final part of the introduction. It is a summary of the main point of the research work. It is typically just one sentence long, maybe reiterated elsewhere in the research. It should present the topic of your paper and comment on your position concerning the subject. It should tell the reader what the study is about and keep your writing focused.

Research Paper Ideas

The most difficult aspect of a research paper boils down to how students can get the right topic which they are going to write on. Getting the right topic is the most difficult aspect of the research paper, but if you can’t choose one, give this work to and let them provide you with the expert help. We shall go into details of what is required to get the right topic which will end up bringing the best ideas out of you. 

Info check

Check the info on the topic you are about writing on. If the info on it is scarce, it is advised that you look in another direction. Where the topic has been over flogged, you are advised to look the way of other topics that little have been written on which you can easily write on. If the topic is too narrow, you will not be able to express yourself fully. Make sure you come up with the right info that will be in your favor before you decide on any topic online.

You are expected to formulate your research paper question before you proceed with your research work. There are three questions to be considered here. They include.

  • Descriptive question: It is required that careful and comprehensive observation of a phenomenon is carried out. It will be done in such a way as to bring out the details about it in a way that will answer all previously unanswered questions about the event or phenomenon. 
  • Casual: The question can be casual in approach and it is used to determine the results of altering some variables in one item leads to changes in the other to establish any form of relationship between the two. There are linking points between any two items, then a casual relationship can be established between the two.
  • Comparative: The third question that you are likely going to be asked to provide answers to is to look into the similarities and differences between two or more items. 

What is a good research topic? 

Let’s take a look at what goes for a good research topic, they should contain elements that can be used to answer the research question. 

  • The topic should be one that is specific and concrete. It should be clear and focused
  • Originality should be the guiding principle. Plagiarism should be avoided. The angle of research on the topic should be one that nobody has worked on before the assignment was given to you. The work should be relevant to the needs of the community and or a professional field.
  • The topic that will come up for a good research topic should be one that should be relevant to the readers as well as the readers. 
  • Lastly, the topic should be a trending; one that is highly important to meet with the needs of the people. It should be unexplored and should show great potential that will add value to the people.

Final take 

The ideas given above represent the core ideas behind the research paper topic. Following the tips will help deliver the results that will earn students the maximum grades

Research Paper Homework On Abortion

How to write it

Are you looking for tips that are easy to use when writing about abortion? Do not worry, and we have got your back. Abortion might be the most disputable topics in current society today. It corporates a variety of challenging questions concerning my moral, ethical, legal, religious, philosophical, and medical issues that might relate to deliberately stopping the process of pregnancy be the right time of the birth of the child. Public opinions have strong feelings for either against or for this particular topic. That is why when one is writing about these specific topics, he or she will need to do extensive research about the topic. A student has to find the positive and negative aspects of the problem and create a convincing piece.

Writing tips and hints

Abortion is one of the moral and political issues that Americans are genuinely split. Their ideas on this disputed issue have not changed ever since 1995. 2 primary legal and moral questions that relate to this abortion debate, which split public opinions for very many generations.

Should abortion stop or made legal? Are they (abortions) morally wrong?

Although these questions appear to be simple to answer, in the real sense, they are very complex to answer. There are two different opinions here,

  1. The ones that support the idea that women have a right to do whatever they want, which means that they can choose to terminate the pregnancy before the right moment of birth, or choose not to terminate it. Now, in this case, the people who have this opinion think that abortion is legal.
  2. The people who stick to religious beliefs and practices have an idea that the growing fetus in the womb should grow and be born generally as a baby. It is because they think the fetus also has rights and that they should also similarly treat the fetus as humans.

So in case you want to write about abortion, you to choose between the two stances. You can select either the pro-choice or pro-life. After choosing one of them, you have to make a very strong argument to support the side that you have chosen.

If your research tends to lean on the analytical part, you investigate both sides of the matter. You must provide a balanced perspective on both sides. Investigate both the weakness and strengths of the arguments.

Topics for abortion research papers

For one to have an excellent research paper, he or she also needs to have a perfect topic. The topic should be manageable, and it should also interest you. In case you are wondering where and how to find those research topics. Look no further. We have listed them below. Have the freedom to choose whatever topic that interests you, and you do writings of your own.

  • The effect of making abortions legal on the rate of birth.
  • In what ways are pregnancy terminations controlled around the globe.
  • Examine the gap of generation in support of abortion.
  • Will the debate on abortion ever end?
  • Is the abortion subject just an issue for women?
  • Effects of abortion on the women’s mental wellbeing


Writing about abortion requires a level of inquiry that is very high. It is because the subject of terminating pregnancies is a sensitive issue. It is because when talking about abortion, one will spark a debate that may not end well.