OSEI Resources


In OSEI, researchers and middle school teachers, district science coordinators and facilitators collaborate to share resources, materials and expertise; to learn more about ocean science and ocean scientists; to form a network of active individuals and organizations; and to develop exemplary research-based lesson plans to be implemented in the middle school classroom.


OSEI Teacher Resources

OSEI participants share their ocean science projects throughout New England and the country by posting lesson plans on this website and by presenting at regional and national conferences.

  • Make Your Own Plankton Sieve (pdf) - Project PSOS facilitator Carol `Krill’ Carson and participating researcher Kelly Rakow have developed a guide for making plankton sieves, a very handy tool for studying plankton in the classroom!
  • Carbon Cycle Diagram and Lesson Plan - In Fairhaven public schools, the OSEI team developed curriculum to introduce the carbon cycle to the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The carbon cycle is an important piece of the science curriculum because of the role carbon plays in our environment. By bringing cutting edge research into the middle school classroom, OSEI introduced students to the carbon cycle, its relationship to human activities, and its importance globally.
  • Common Marine Plankton Poster - As part of her involvement in COSEE-NE’s OSEI II project, Dr. Juanita Urban-Rich researched and produced a hand-drawn poster identifying common species of marine plankton. Now you too can have this poster in your home or classroom – just download here and print.
  • Waves and Tsunamis - Plymouth Public Schools and WHOI researcher Dr. Ralph Stephen developed curriculum on wave action for middle school students. The team designed five hands-on investigation stations for students to rotate through that dealt with wavelength, amplitude, and frequency. One of the investigations included this interactive website for both teachers and students, designed by Dr. Stephen to explain ocean wave properties.
  • Hemigrapsus sanguineus - Lesson plan on Hemigrapsus sanguineus, the Asian shore crab, developed from OSEI 1.  Designed for grade 6.



OSEI Funding Resources

  • Teacher Grants - This document will help you identify potential grants and provide tips on completing the application.


OSEI Workshop Resources

  • 8 Major Concepts - COSEE-NE has identified 8 Major Concepts that people need to know about ocean sciences.
  • Action Plans - A tool to use when developing an action plan.